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On January 28, 2021, the laboratory analyzed the functioning of the quality management system for the second half of 2020.

The following issues were analyzed at the quality meeting:

- analysis of reports of QMS process/subprocess managers on their activities;

- status of actions performed based on the results of preliminary analysis by senior management;

- analysis of customer satisfaction questionnaires;

- analysis of changes in internal and external factors that affect the activities of the laboratory and the effectiveness of QMS;

- analysis of information about stakeholders;

- analysis of the activity and effectiveness of the QMS;

- analysis of initial data to ensure the reliability of test results;

- results of risk management and implementation of actions to reduce them;

- analysis of resource provision (premises, staff, etc.) for the proper functioning of QMS processes/subprocesses and laboratory activities;

Based on the results of the meeting, recommendations were made to improve the QMS, improve the activities of the laboratory, purchase additional resources, etc., set deadlines for their implementation and appoint responsible persons.

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