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Dear Laboratory Visitors!

Despite quarantining and restrictive measures to protect your health, our Lab continues to operate on a full-time basis.

The Laboratory organizes its work in the light of Government decisions and recommendations of the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

We introduce temporary visitor service features for the quarantine period:

The laboratory operates under the direction of the Directorate of the SI O.M. Marzieiev Institute for Public Health (IPH), National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine No 1D/16 of March 16, 2020.

Visitors are only allowed to enter the Institute in protective masks and with identity documents.

Visitors' access to the upper floors of the premises of the Institute of Public Health. OHM. Marzeyev "is limited.

Laboratory staff should take laboratory samples in the building's hall with protective masks.

Communication with laboratory staff is made exclusively by telephone at (+38 044) 292-14-17; (+38 044) 292-14-21; (+38 044) 513-71-33 or by Viber Conference.

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